Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Shrinking Theo!

This is almost the end of my son Theo's first year of school! Kindergarten has been a new and exciting time for all of us. But as we are heading toward the final week, Theo seems like he is on an emotional roller-coaster. Poor guy has been so upset and of course life hasn't slowed down so his "mommy time" has not been nearly enough for him.

The other night I was going through my stock for an upcoming event and noticed that Theo had a book in his hand Shrinking Sam. I looked up and said " Hey, Thee have I read Shrinking Sam to you?" What a perfect book for the perfect time!

For those of you have not read Shrinking Sam you are truly missing out on an amazing book.

Shrinking Sam

This is such a great book for just about anyone, but perfect for a little guy who is truly feeling small and a little scared! The story is about a little boy who is not being heard by his family and starts to shrink. I don't want to give the whole books away but it is a true gem. I am thinking it might be the perfect book for my feature book for June. (If you go to my web site and sign up for mailing list you could win it next month)


Back to Theo!

So, Theo hopped up on my lap and we read Shrinking Sam after we finished the book we had one of the nicest talks we have ever had. Theo explained that he would like more time just him and me "moommie time" and that he is kinda scared about first grade. It was great and since than we have been able to make time for each other. He came to my story-time last weekend at the Wild Tree Cafe in Evanston. Theo made sure to tell everyone that I was his mom and how proud of me he is!

OK, I am off to take my sweet little Gabbie to the park with friends! Hope you have a great day!