Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So Cute & Organic to Boot!

These are the softest baby cloths I have ever touched and super cute with a modern flair. Take that and combine it with the great story behind this fabulous company and who wouldn't want to start shopping!

Chapter One Organics supports socially and environmentally manufacturing in the US. Our organic baby clothes are made in the US by an organization that is helping women facing significant barriers to employment. Our organic baby clothing is modern, fun and luxuriously soft.

To view and shop our collection of organic baby clothes click here.

To shop for organic baby clothes locally click here to see a listing of retailers.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Amazing Organic Baby Food Made By An Amazing Mom

If you are looking for great tasting and nutritious organic baby food you have to check out Maddy's Organic Meals!

Maddy's has a great variety of flavors for 4+ months and up.
*Here is a special hint...if you keep your meal frozen you can feed it to even an older child as a treat on a hot summer day ;)
In a word Yummy!
The Story of Maddy’s Organic Meals

Maddy’s Organic Meals (M.O.M.) was inspired by the birth of my beautiful,
spiral-haired beauty of a daughter Madeleine, and a well-timed question from my

husband. As we were shopping at a local farmer’s market, he turned to me and asked, “If you could start a business, what would it be?” I told him without skipping a beat…homemade organic baby food. It was that instinctual response that started this wonderful journey.

M.O.M. Knows Best

Maddy’s Organic Meals (M.O.M.) knows that 100% certified organic
provides the healthiest nutrients for your little darlings.
  • All Maddy’s Organic Meals are USDA Certified Organic and adhere to the highest organic processing standards.

  • All of our meals are prepared shortly after harvest
    and then flash-frozen ensuring superior taste and nutritional value.

  • M.O.M. uses ingredients grown in the heartland, on Midwestern certified
    organic farms practicing sustainable farming methods.

  • No harmful pesticides that can block a child’s absorption of nutrients.

  • No preservatives, fillers or additives.
Easy for you and delectable for your baby. Healthy, palatable treasures created
personally and lovingly just for your little treasure.

Friday, May 23, 2008


In just a few days I am heading off to France!!! This is my first trip out of the country and the longest I will have been away from my wonderful children! I can't wait!

International Stallholder Summit

Last fall I was one of the lucky Barefoot Books Stallholders to win a trip to the International Stallholder Summit in France! Myself and six other stallholders from the US and the same from the UK will be spending almost a week in Toulouse. I can't wait :)

À la prochaine!

Special Savings For My Bolg Aversary

20% Off Large Button

Happy Shopping!!!!
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Monday, May 19, 2008

My Pumpkins Third Birthday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Urgent Call: Save Children affected by Sichuan Earthquake

Urgent Call: Save Children affected by Sichuan Earthquake

The death toll caused by the Sichuan earthquake is reported to be 15,000 already. The number is still rising. A lot of school children were amongst those tragically killed when their school buildings collapsed.

We have spoken to the local authorities and understand that water, clothes, medicine, and food are URGENTLY needed.

To help children and orphanages in the disaster area, Mother Bridge of Love (MBL) is making an urgent appeal to all our friends and colleagues to make a donation to support the disaster relief efforts. Your generous help would be much appreciated.

Last year, we donated money to the flood-hit area of Sichuan. The money we raised through Edinburgh Marathon was used to Tongjiang to build up a collapsed school kitchen in helping children back to school earlier.

100 % of donations received will once again be sent to Sichuan to provide much needed assistance to children. Our focus will be helping children and women to recover from physical (food, water, and medical care immediately) and physiological damage (Counseling in a later stage).

The donation will be sent to the local schools and mothers and carers directly through our local advisory volunteers. The money will be used to buy the most urgently needed goods and rescue the children still underneath the debris. We will report back the progress from the front line.

Please make a donation . This can be done quickly and easily online by supporting our Edinburgh Marathon Runners to raise funds for the disaster relief. Please go to the website: http://www.justgiving.com/rbsjames

For any other form of support you could provide, please contact WENDY WU (CEO) at headoffice@motherbridge.org 020 70340686

Great Review Of Beeman

Concepts: natural resources, human resources, jobs

Review: A young boy values the company of his gra
ndfather, a beekeeper who teaches the boy the tools of the trade. After the boy and his grandfather both suit up in protective clothing, they quiet the bees with a smoker and open the hive to examine the queen bee, the drones, and the worker bees. Next they remove the honeycomb and use a special machine to extract the honey from the frames. Most of the honey is jarred for later enjoyment, and the remaining honey is returned to the hive as food for the bees during the winter.

This exceptional book blends together a number of informative lessons in economics with an interesting story and lively artwork that will appeal to children and adults alike. What better way to spice up a discussion of jobs and human resources than to use this book about an occupation that appears to be, at least to kids, fairly unusual and slightly dangerous. In the back, the muffin recipe and the author’s notes about honey help to reinforce the book’s lessons about natural resources. Children may leave this book wondering if the tasty honey is worth the risk of getting stung by all those bees.

Review by:
Rutgers University Project on Economics and Children

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Blog Aversary Giveaway!

Stay tuned my blog aversary is coming up and I will be celebrating by doing a few giveaways!!!
If you would like to link to my website and be entered automatically for each giveaway leave a comment on this post and e-mail me the link to where you have linked to my blog!!!
All winners will be announced on May 29th my blog aversary!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mother's Day For Peace

Northwest Suburban Chicago Holistic Moms Network and Mothers Acting Up (MAU)
Johanna Navari Welch at nwscholisticmoms@gmail.com or 847-567-1228.

Web-based Grassroots Movement Mobilizes Mothers* To Move From Concern To Action

Local organizers with Northwest Suburban Chicago Holistic Moms Network and Mothers Acting Up (MAU), a movement of mothers (*and others), passionately and publicly advocating on behalf of the world’s children, announce a Mother’s Day Reclamation Celebration to take place on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11 from 1-3pm. Welcome to families and friends of all configurations, ages and stages. Bring lawn chairs, blankets, and your joyful spirits – come early, stay late!

Enjoy music by Solid-Aire, refreshments and children’s activities!

Reclaiming Mother’s Day events are inspired by the life, words and actions of Julia Ward Howe. In 1870 she wrote a Mother’s Day Proclamation and called for a day when the world would honor what mothers hold most dear: the lives of our children, of all children. The events celebrate the vision that Julia spoke of 100 years ago: mothers everywhere rising up together around that which unites us rather than divides us — our global family.

Guest Speakers: Sarah Jerome, Ed.D., Superintendent, Arlington Heights School District 25, and Karen Johnson, Illinois State Coordinator of The Peace Alliance Campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace

Exhibitors and Sponsors: Attachment Parenting International, Barefoot Books, Chicagohealers.com, Geoff Akins - the amazing bubble juggler, Harper College Interfaith Club for Peace, Holistic Moms Network, Knudsen Juices, La Leche League International, Matt’s Cookies, Mothers Acting Up, Northwest Suburban Peace and Education Project, The Peace Alliance Campaign to establish a U.S. Department of Peace, The Peace School – International Alliance for World Peace, The Sierra Club, Whole Foods Market, and more…

When mothers lead, generations follow!

For more information about the celebration, contact: Johanna Navari Welch at nwscholisticmoms@gmail.com or 847-567-1228 For additional information about MAU contact Juliana Forbes at 303-474-1286, or juliana@mothersactingup.org.

About Mothers Acting Up: Mothers Acting Up (MAU) is A Web based international movement of mothers, publicly and passionately advocating for the world’s children. MAU was started in Boulder, CO.

* mothers and others, on stilts or off, who exercise protective care over someone smaller