Thursday, March 13, 2008

Green Mom Finds

We’ve Got the Whole World In Our Hands

1978-06_08_07-large_cover.jpgReading books with my son is one of my favorite pastimes – especially now that I’ve found Barefoot Books’ collection of children’s books celebrating nature and the environment. Of particular note is their popular title Whole World, a brightly colored, beautifully illustrated book that focuses on inspiring young children to live green. Recently featured as one of Oprah’s faves, Whole World features eco-tips and a sing-a-long CD — plus, a portion of the sales is donated to some great environmental organizations. As a company, Barefoot Books gets extra kudos for taking a number of steps to lessen their impact on the environment, including printing their books on recycled or ancient forest-friendly paper. They’ve even got some great online resources for eco-minded kids and parents, which are completely paper-free and 100% FUN!

Find It Here: Barefoot Books

Win It! Green Mom Finds is giving away a copy of the Whole World Mini Edition to three lucky winners. Each book will come with an Eco-Libris Sticker to show that a tree will be planted to replace those used in publishing the book. Enter by 3/20/08.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Emily's Tiger

Emily's Tiger is a brand new book for Barefoot Books and one of my new favorites!!!

Emily's Tiger
What will ever stop her from roaring?

Whenever Emily doesn’t get her way, she growls and roars like a tiger. She roars when her mother tries to cut her hair, she roars when she doesn’t get picked to be the assistant to the clown at a birthday party… what are her mom and dad going to do with their tiger-daughter? Then Grandma comes to stay — and she knows a thing or two about tigers and tempers!This is one of my new favorite books!
Emily's Tiger is wonderfully Written and illustrated by: Miriam Latimer.

My daughter is what I affectionately call one of the naughties. Meaning that she is most definitely a two year old. She has a great deal of skill when it come to making messes and getting into everything including trouble. After reading Emily's Tiger I almost would believe it was written for my little girl, she even looks like Emily :) What I like most of all about this wonderful book is that instead of focusing on the naughty stuff Emily does, it really emphasizes the fun you can have with your child!

Let your imagination run wild with your cutie pie and be good tigers together!