Monday, December 15, 2008 Article on New Legislation

TBW Statement Opposing the Consumer Product Safety Commission Improvement Act
There is little more important than keeping children safe. However, The Babywearer is gravely concerned about the impact of the pending Consumer Product Safety Commission Improvement Act. We believe that if this Act is enforced, there will be serious economic consequences on the child/baby product industry, and specifically to manufacturers of babycarriers.

The Act would require ALL manufacturers - including small business owners who sew their products by hand and artisans who sell to help support their art - to submit each piece of their product for cost-prohibitive government-approved testing. Each component - buttons, threads, fabrics, padding, etc. would need to be tested independently for lead content. The cost and extent of this lead testing would be impossible for any small business to afford.

Thousands of small businesses will be forced to close. Consumers will have fewer products to choose from. In the babycarrier world, the only products that will remain will be ones those that are manufactured en masse - and are widely considered inferior to those made in smaller quantities.

The date that CPSIA is set to be enforced has already earned a nickname by many experts: "National Bankruptcy Day."

Please write to your Senators and Congressperson and express your concern about the CPSIA.

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This is so important! Thanks for spreading the word! I'm trying to get it out there too so parents understand what could happen with this legislation!