Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday!!! No Way 8

So, my super boy turned 8 yrs old last month. I really can't believe just how big he is. Not just how amazingly tall (and he really is tall) but more how he is turning into such a wonderful person. Since, heading back to school in January he has grown as a person so much. He has some great new friends and is really working hard to learn to read.

While Theo was at school I ran all over the place getting decorations for the house. We have not had the "friend party" yet but we have had two family parties. The cake pictures below is from the party we had with my parents on the night of Theo's birthday. It was the first time since Theo turn 1 that my parents were able to be with us on Theo's birthday.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Theo from his first birthday! I made the flower crown for him. It probably took me 2 hrs to make and I am sure he really didn't want to wear it...but it looks so incredibly cute on him.

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Jennifer (JJ) Blum said...

My Isaac turned 8 in January and I just cannot believe it! Where does the time go?