Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sand Sisters

After spending the day with my brother and his family (three amazing kids), Theo than 10 months old looked up at us with great determination and feeling and said "I want a sister!" Who could blame him he had just had a super day playing with his older cousins and came home to being stuck with just his daddy and mommy. Talk about no fun! It took another 3 1/2 years but Theo got his sister! Gabbie is two and she and Theo have so much fun with each other (most of the time ;)...

Really, I hadn't thought about this much until last night I read the sweetest books

Sand Sisters.

Sand SIsiters

This is such a cute story about a little girl who truely wants a sister or brother. A great book for a family that is expecting a new baby!

During the summer sale this hardcover book is only $7.99!

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