Monday, February 11, 2008

Go Barefoot, Go Green!


As a mom with two young children it is important to me to send a message of hope and responsibility for our future. Barefoot books has taken many steps to work internally in an environmentally responsible way.

In 2007 Barefoot Books made a commitment to be “Green”. Part of this growing commitment is that we now print our books and marketing materials on ancient forest friendly paper, which means that our paper suppliers are obligated to replant trees that they have harvested, and that they do not damage rainforests or other ancient woodlands. In an effort to grow our commitment, this year we have formed a new partnership with another “Green Business” Eco-Libris giving each stallholder the opportunity to take this message of renewal one step further!

Eco-Libris partners with organizations that work in developing countries to plant trees. These planting efforts are an integral part of their efforts to help local communities in these countries move towards a sustainable future. Making sure that each tree is planted where it provides significant value for both the environment and the local communities.

With Eco-Libris stallholders can present their customers with a unique offer to purchase Eco-Libris stickers and plant a tree for the books they buy at our stalls. Each sticker retails at $1 and for each sticker Eco-Libris will plant 1.3 trees. The stickers can then be proudly displayed on the books our customers buy thus showing their commitment to the environment.

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