Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Goods 4 Girls

Goods 4 Girls was started to help young women gain access to better menstrual products. Our goal is to help these girls live their lives and go to school without fear that what they are using during their period will fail.

In many areas of the world, access to adequate menstrual supplies is difficult to come by. Many women and girls rely on rags, newspaper, camel skin or nothing at all for their menstrual needs. A lack of sanitary pads can be a big barrier to a girl's education.

It may seem difficult to comprehend for many women who have easy access to a varied source of supplies, but we can all appreciate how difficult life would be without them. Imagine trying to go to school or work without protection. For many, it brings life to a halt.

Providing disposable supplies creates an additional burden on some communities where solid waste disposal consists of burning the garbage. Since many disposable feminine hygiene products contain plastic, incineration potentially creates an environmental and health hazard.

Goods 4 Girls was started to seek out donors to sew or purchase new, reusable menstrual pads for donations to areas of Africa where these products are needed most. Providing reusable supplies not only provides a more environmentally friendly alternative for these young women (in areas of adequate water supply for washing), it reduces their dependence on outside aid organizations to continue providing for their monthly needs.

It's easy to donate, even if you don't know how to sew. For more information about why you should donate, read the About Us page.

For more information on what agencies we are working with, please visit the News page.
All text was taken from the Good 4 Girls website!


Anonymous said...

Hey Rebecca,
I was cleaning out my "contacts" file and found a card you gave me at the park this summer when we ran into each other! Glad to know you are still with Barefoot Books and have a terrific blog. I am now a consultant with Mary Kay (I'm a skin care junkie) and have been encouraged to be part of an organization that gives so much back to women (Mk's charitable foundation supports cancer research and women who have been affected by domestic violence). They have also just begun a huge recycling campaign for their compacts and are on PETA's approved list for cosmetic companies.

In response to this commitment to give back, I have chosen to give 10% of my profits to an organization that supports women: give me your favorites!

Do you still have storytime???? We dig that cafe?

If you are ever interested in pairing up for a "Mommy (skincare) and Me (books)" event, I'd love to talk to you! Please check out my blog at!

Joline (Happy Child days)

Mommy Doodles said...

Hi Rebecca - I have recently updated my Mommy Doodles Mart and you are listed there!

Thanks again for sponsoring a giveaway on my blog!