Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kasiisi Prodject

“One day these Ugandan children, like our own, will need to make important decisions about their world. Access to the best kind of books will help them make the right ones.”
Elizabeth Ross, Director of The Kasiisi Project

One of the joys of "Living Barefoot" is seeing the books we produce positively affecting the lives of children around the world. Nothing is quite as inspiring as meeting like-minded organizations who are putting our core values into action, and few stories fit this example so brilliantly as the work of The Kasiisi Project.

The Kasiisi Project is a Boston-based non-profit organization whose focus is funding classroom buildings and scholarships, encouraging literacy, and working to give rural schoolchildren in western Uganda a chance for a successful future. Barefoot’s own Sales & Marketing Director, Melisa Schulman, recently learned of this wonderful organization and their growing cultural exchange with Weston Public Schools in Massachusetts. After hearing that many of the books donated to Ugandan children from the west are so culturally irrelevant as to prove useless, Melisa thought, “Barefoot can help!”
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We tip our hats to the Kasiisi Project, both for their inspirational work and the opportunity for us to see our own work brightening the lives of children all the way across the world. To learn how you can help, visit their web site at

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