Monday, January 19, 2009

You And Me

New In Lap Book!

The imaginary games of a boy and a girl form the basis of this enchanting picture book about opposites and contrasts. As the two children play together, they picture themselves as all kinds of characters, animals, landscapes and moods. "I'm a circle, you're a square; I'm a tiger, you're a bear."

Celebrating difference, but above all celebrating relationship, You and Me is a very special picture book that will captivate pre-school audiences but is also sure to attract plenty of adult fans.

This is a great early reader. It has all of the things you look for in a beginning reading book. The pictures tell the story. It has repetition but is far from boring. With illustrations that speak to the imagination and perk curiosity this book is so fun to read.

The second time my son read us You and Me he pointed out to his younger sister "Gab did you notice that they are opposites?" It is so much fun to see them discuss books. Theo further explained "See Gab I am Hot and You're Cold, they are opposites."

For the past week Theo has read us You and Me every night! He has begun to read it from the back to the front... just to change things up!

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Jennifer (JJ) Blum said...

I can't agree more! I love this book and so does my new reader! She loves the predictability mixed with a few little surprises!