Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rereading - Harry Potter (Again)

It has been at least a year since the last time I read the Harry Potter series - again.   It's time to pick it up again and share the story with my dd. My sweet dd is starting kindergarten in just a few weeks- maybe it is the start of something big that causing me to daydream about the wizarding world - or maybe it was the reminder from my wonderful friend Michelle- she is reading the series to her boys...either way tonight I am cracking open our much loved copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
(Really, why couldn't we in the US have the title Philosophers Stone- really we are not all that dumb that we would have been turned off by the title.) 

When I was pregnant with our son, as my belly grew, my ability to fall asleep shrunk. It could have been the hormones, the night hiccuping of my growing little boy, or whatever- but I just couldn't fall asleep. One night, my husband picked up the copy of Harry Potter that had been sitting on the nightstand and began reading to me. That simple act of sharing his love of reading - awakened a thirst for great books I didn't even know I had. Night after night he would read to me.  After our son was born we actually used to fight over who got to read.  

Bedtime reading is one of my most treasured time with my munchkins. The quiet time at the end of a day right before they fall asleep, where all of the craziness of living stops and all focus shifts to a new world, a new adventure, and someone else's story. As my children get older and there want and need of my company diminishes- I hope we never stop reading together! 

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