Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tenzin’s Deer

We just recieved the new Barefoot Books catalog (which is amazing) and after flipping through it my ds asked for a copy of Tenzin’s Deer. I knew we had a copy somewhere in the house and spent the day looking for it.  

My ds had a pretty hard time learning to read, and only this past year in third grade, did he really get the hang of it. As such anytime he is remotely interested in a book I do my best to get it for him, or borrow it from the library. But today we were in luck, since the book he wanted was already in our collection.

Like so many of our books it was still in a box in the garage from when we moved (almost two years ago).  On our way to swim class today my ds sat quietly in the back of the car reading Tenzin’s Deer.   Getting out of the car he said, “Mom, that is a great book.” It had been a long time since I read Tenzin’s Deer but remembered how powerful the message of the book was. What struck me was that all  I remember feeling sad about the loss Tenzin felt, and what my ds seemed to feel empowered by the kindness the boy showed to the animals around him.  One true sign of a great book is that you feel changed by having read it and Tenzin’s Deer is one of those great books.

Tenzin's Deer

A Tibetan Tale

Meet Tenzin, a kindhearted boy who discovers a wounded musk deer high up in the hills. In this Tibetan tale, Tenzin nurses the deer back to health, and must learn the most important lesson of all: how to love enough to let go.
Ages 5 to 10 years
Written By: Barbara Soros
Illustrated By: Danuta Mayer

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