Monday, June 16, 2008

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Barefoot Books
are a very creative and intelligent line of children’s books, created by two mothers in 1993 who wanted to publish a line of books which introduced children to languages, other cultures and traditions, and high-quality art. They succeeded in creating a very imaginative and thought-provoking line of books and CDs that not only are fun, but also are educational to both children and their parents. Barefoot Books works with authors and storytellers from around the world, each one bringing their own cultural flavor to the stories. The artwork and illustrations are cute and colorful, also bringing a unique flair to the stories for which they are drawn.

Summer Sale NORTH AMERICA Small Square ButtonI am especially a fan of the book My Daddy is a Pretzel. Being a yoga enthusiast myself, it is wonderful to read a book describing the art of yoga to my son as well as teaching him about yoga postures and how they can be integrated into our everyday lives. It is surprising to find how easily my son has picked up on the art of yoga by reading this book with me. He has so much fun trying all of the postures in the book, which makes this story all the more amazing in that it engages him actively.

The Barefoot Books Website is a fantastic place to explore their unique line of books, CDs and gifts, as well as an interactive website for you and your children to visit. They have printable activity sheets, workbook pages, coloring pages, masks, and puzzles which are based on their line of books.

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