Thursday, June 12, 2008

Xeko Cards

I am not a big trading card game fan...why would we want our kids spend time, money, & energy learning about made up characters? In hopes of convincing my son that Pokemon Cards were not worth his time or his allowance I went on a search to find an alternative. To my surprise I found exactly what I was looking for and MORE!


Based on the Legend of Xeko and conservation hotspots, Xeko ignites imaginations and sends the next generation of heroes on an adventure to save the world.

The Xeko game features remarkable plant and animal species from Earth's biodiversity hotspots first identified by Norman Myers and recognized by Conservation International. Currently numbered at 34, the hotspots contain 75 percent of the planet's most threatened mammals, birds and amphibians while covering just 2.3 percent of the Earth's surface. An estimated 50 percent of all vascular plants and 42 percent of land vertebrates exist only in these hotspots.

Preserving our planet's biodiversity is Xeko Mission: Critical.

Every Xeko player is an eco-hero. Every game purchase helps fund conservation efforts in the field.

The Xeko motto: Have fun, do good!

The 3 Rs — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

recycle icon

All of our actions combined make a big difference. That's why all Xeko game materials and packaging are made with recycled and recyclable materials. We use soy-based inks that are kinder to the environment. Xeko game packaging is kept to a minimum, and when we print promotional items like posters and postcards, we always do our very best to use only recycled materials for those, too.

If every person and every company were to choose recycled and recyclable products — and if we all reduced the amount of stuff we consume in the first place — just think how much better off our planet would be!

To learn how you can do more to help the Earth by recycling, click here.

To watch a demo click here.

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