Thursday, October 16, 2008

Treehouse in the Glen

Since our move my wonderful husband has been working pretty much non-stop. In hopes that our children will remember what he looks like Dave took us out to lunch. After lunch we decided to check out a cute little toy shop we had driven by on our way to lunch. Treehouse in the Glen is a fairytale come true. We had so much fun looking around this cute Waldorf Inspired shop!

We each picked out something fun to bring home and play with!

Theo picked out this cool airplane kit and a bag of marbles. We have yet to try out our airplane making skills but hope to get a little help from Dave with them. (I can't fold an airplane to save my life, lol) The marbles were choosen to replace the lost marbles from our marble run... lets see how long it takes us to loose these also.

Gabbie choose a package of wooden beads and string. We are planning a necklace and bracelet set. We also grabed a couple Matchbook Garden seed packets. We are intending to add them to our porch garden...I will let you all know how it goes.

It has been a long time since I have done any needle felting. With Halloween quickly approaching I just had to get some roving to make pumpkins.

The fruit of our labor :)

Treehouse in the Glen
1275 Lincoln Ave, Suite 2 [ map ]
San Jose

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Wee Festivity... said...

What a nice post about a great, local store. I admit a slight bias as it is owned by my mother-in-law's neighbors and friends, Stacy and Dan. Still these kinds of toy stores have always been the ones that I gravitate towards, so I would have landed up there anyway! :)