Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Love the Ergo

Ergo in my opinion is the best baby carrier on the market! My husband and I carried both of our children as infants and we still use our Ergo for our three year old daughter.
Here are just a few reasons we love this carrier;
-it is washable
-completely adjustable and both my husband and I can wear the same one even though we are completely different sizes
-it has a accessories and a pocket so that I can just grab and go with out a purse
-most of all it is comfortable and easy to use
For instructions on how to use the Ergo click below
About the Company
At the 2nd Annual Baby Wearing Conference I had the great pleasure of meeting the owner and designer of Ergo Karin Frost and the US Sales Manager Angela Pennette.

Our mission is to offer parents the most thoughtful, highest quality, and most innovative baby carrier and accessories found on the market. It is our pleasure to be educating parents about baby wearing and related topics to improve the way our next generation of babies are introduced into the world. We are committed to customer service, including immediate order response, and friendly support of product use and understanding. Education and consumer response is our priority.We are marketing worldwide and have created a team that efficiently runs our business; each of us is dedicated to reliability and serving with integrity. We are a family owned and operated company located in Maui, Hawaii where we practice the Aloha Spirit.

The ERGO Baby Carrier was initially developed out of a personal need when Karin Frost, our owner and designer, had her son in 2001 and created a carrier for him. With the help and feedback from other parents the ERGO was born. An immediate market response followed with the ensuing development of it's own market based on consumer support and incredible 'word of mouth'. The market is constantly expanding because its niche, attachment parenting, is in its early phases of growth and recognition.

The ERGO Baby Carrier and accessories is many baby carriers, slings, and strollers consolidated into one product line. It saves the consumer money because they only have to buy one baby carrier for the life of their baby wearing years. It is the most comfortable and physically supportive baby carrier on the market. None of our competitors put the majority of the weight of the baby on the parent's hips which is the most important weight bearing part of the body.

More and more parents want to be physically active and productive during the early stages of their child's growth. Wearing their baby supports this need. Research on baby wearing has also observed great benefits to the child. The ERGO holds the baby safely and closely to the parent's body and provides the parent with the desired mobility. It also builds parent's awareness of their child’s needs.

Karin's focus now is Research and Development and she is constantly extending the product line, updating and creating new packaging and offering seasonal promotions to offer more to the customer. She happily stays in touch with our customers by writing and talking to them. Testimonials about the life changing stories parents have experienced in their lives with the ERGO are received several times a week. We value our customers and respond to every inquiry we receive. WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Thank You

As my daughter was melting and hysterical I walked around the lobby of the conference with her on my back (in her Ergo). I found myself over by the Ergo table, the incredible sweet women sitting at the table (I am so sorry that I have forgotten her name) was so kind to me. She made what could have been an extremely stressful situation so much easier for me. I would love to thank her again for her kind words of support.

In the last few years I have hear all kinds of stories about Ergo as a company. Let me just take a second to put my two cents in. I do not know the full details of any of the stories I have heard...things like Ergo pulling a trade account because the distributor was tie dying the carriers, suing companies for copying their design, and so on.....
Here is my take on the whole thing Ergo makes a great product and they are a wonder company.
I would ask before someone posts on a forum or tells stories about the company do a bit of research and see if you have the whole picture. My person experience with Ergo has been wonderful.

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