Wednesday, July 2, 2008


This is such a cool sling, I love the pocket! It has a great key ring that is detachable.
Finally, a super functional sling with simple, classic style. The navy stretch fabric has just enough stretch to keep mom and baby comfortable while maintaining a slim, refined line with no extra bulk. The soft, 100% cotton lining is available in preppy pink, green, or blue stripe. Two pockets, one with a snap and one open, hold mom's wallet or necessities. The stylish (and removable) leather and tortoise accessory ring keeps baby's toy or pacifier in close reach and off the floor.

The Wahloo baby sling is designed to be worn on your left shoulder and "slung" around your right hip. If you are a lefty and/or prefer to wear it around your right shoulder and left hip, that's okay, too. You just might have a harder time reaching the toy ring. Please watch the video .

Before our son could pronounce, "I love you," he said, "wah-loo." I liked the way it sounded, and it reflects one of the most fundamental reasons for using a sling: Love.

When I first wore a pouch-style baby sling, it literally changed my life. My son loved to rest quietly nestled next to my heart, and it freed my hands to allow me to get through my busy day. There was only one problem. While the sling was very functional, it didn't reflect my personal style. I wanted to design a high-quality baby sling that fit my life. With the help of a design team and an internationally recognized manufacturer, Wahloo slings were born. I hope you will enjoy wearing them as much as I do.

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Kate said...

As a responsible grandma of 7, I have researched the world of baby slings and the Wahloo has it all -comfort, quality and style. My nieces and daughters love the pocket and keyring. Price is good, too. Free shipping is great and customer service first-rate.