Thursday, July 10, 2008

Little Leap Forward

WATCH AND LISTEN to Little Leap Forward author Guo Yue share his story of growing up during China's cultural revolution.

My son and I are going to begin reading Little Leap Forward this evening. I will share our experience with you as we read. We just watched the movie about the book and here are the questions my sweet son asked;
"Mom why did they take his mom away?"
"Mom why did they burn all of his moms pictures?"

We might find the answers to his questions as we read, but I really don't think I will ever understand why or how people can be so cruel. Just watching this short little movie brings tears to my eyes. My sweet, sweet son finished the movie reflecting, "that little bird is so beautiful." It reminded me of a book that has become one of our favorites The Big Brown Box by Toni Morrison with Slade Morrison.
"Patty and Mickey and Liza Sue
Live in a big brown box.
It has carpet and curtains and beanbag chairs.
And the door has three big locks.

Oh, it's pretty inside and the windows are wide
With shutters to keep out the day.
They have swings and slides and custom-made beds
An the doors open only one way."

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